I’m Kim Marie.

My goal is to help you connect with the fullness of who you are, determine what matters most to you, and have the courage to live your life the way you know you are meant to.

I believe we as human beings have tremendous potential we have yet to tap into, and that we are at a critical time in the evolution of humanity that is asking us to choose to live that potential.

Are you:

  • Standing at a threshold, knowing it’s time to choose a new way, and not knowing what to do or how to do it?
  • Lost in the chaos of life, defining yourself by what you do (mother, spouse, professional, caregiver, etc.) rather than who you really are?
  • Feeling stuck, caught in the hamster wheel of life with no obvious or apparent way out?
  • Knowing that something is missing, and ready to find it?

My mission is to show you there IS a new way.

There ARE other options, and

You CAN live them.

I believe that as you come to find your light, know what you care about and love, and live your truth, not only do you benefit, but also, the entire world benefits as you live the life you are destined for.

Your gifts are yours alone.  No one brings them the way you do, and you have a responsibility to share them with us!  Your soul knows this, and will not rest until it is able to express itself fully.

I support you by providing a safe, compassionate, nurturing environment in which you can go deep, face your inner demons and self-saboteurs, and courageously navigate yourself and your life toward living authentically, in alignment with who you really are on all levels.

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“I have undergone a huge transformation during the short time that Kim has worked with me!  She has been an honest witness to both the beautiful and the shadow sides of myself.   With her presence, I have become sustainably empowered and more and more able to express happiness, joy and gratitude, even in challenging times of my life.”

~ Sorel H.

My Story:

From the linear, analytical methods of research, auditing, financial analysis, accounting and contract management in corporate America, to the creative flow methods of interior design, parenting, intuitive healing, yoga and homemaking, I have seen many walks of life and understand the struggle to find balance and live your truth.

I’ve lived through the heartache of wondering if I’ll ever be good enough, if I’ll make a difference, and if I’ll live as I’m meant to.  I have experienced the:

  • loss of loved ones;
  • agony of trying to “fit in” and “selling out” by living my life for everyone but myself;
  • pain of divorce;
  • stress, overwhelm and chaos of life transitions;
  • challenge of raising children with solid values, compassion and connection in a world that seems to disregard these;
  • desire to make a difference in the world and alleviate suffering;
  • feeling of being stuck and wondering if I’ll ever move forward in my life;
  • utter aloneness and despair of walking through the abyss and wondering if I’ll ever come out;
  • difficulty in nourishing myself and my family with life giving foods when so much available to us is becoming more and more deadened;
  • exhaustion that materialism and consumerism bring;
  • stigma of not conforming in the mainstream of society;
  • fear of vulnerably stepping outside of my comfort zone;
  • longing for acceptance from myself and others for my body, personality, lifestyle choices and idiosyncrasies;
  • shame that comes when I haven’t listened to my conscience; and
  • hope that I will be able to give and receive love in the fullest way possible.

In my own life, I’ve taken up my trials and done my best to be faithful to them.  I have learned to see and accept the inevitable blessings that come from these trials.

I have discovered that I have the power to choose and live in alignment with what I came here to do and who I came here to be.

I have realized my worth and the importance of sharing my gifts.  I have learned that it’s not about fitting in, but rather living authentically in alignment with who I am.   I have found compassion and forgiveness for myself and learned to listen to my higher voice.  I have cultivated the courage to move forward, even in the face of self-doubt, vulnerability and fear.  I have created a life I love.

Is my journey complete?  FAR from it!

I have stumbled and fallen along my path plenty of times, and will do so again.  But I’ve gathered and developed the tools I need to persevere, keep learning and keep growing along the way.

I want to share these tools with you, and help you move forward on your path to the life you know you are meant to live.  Whatever domain of life in which you are wanting to live in greater alignment (health and well-being, nourishment and nutrition, parenting and family, spirituality, career and life purpose, intimate relationships, etc.), I can help you determine your goals and give you practices to successfully accomplish them.

Your spirit is calling you to listen. I bring practicality to spirituality, giving you the tools needed to dream, feel, and live in the way you know your spirit is calling you to.

It’s time.  Are you ready?

Receive tools, guidance & support for your lifestyle...It's FREE!

Professional Bio

Kim Marie is committed to helping individuals to courageously live in alignment with their truth. People work with Kim when they’ve known for a long time that something has to change in their life, and they are finally ready to do something about it.  She works to co-create a world that is ensouled, and full of authenticity, love, awareness and wisdom. Her compassion, warmth and presence help to create a sacred space from which profound learning, transformation and growth can occur.

Through transformational lifestyle coaching, public speaking, writing, and learning programs, Kim inspires people to discover who they are, connect to what matters most, and learn to express their truth in the many domains of their lives (family, parenting, relationships, career, health and wellness, nutrition and nourishment, spirituality, etc.) such that they live a life of joy, peace and authenticity.

Kim’s background is extraordinarily diverse and has supported her in understanding many aspects and perspectives of life. She has a BS in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Finance and Economics, and a BFA in Interior and Environmental Design.  She is trained in the Yuen Method of Energetic Healing and Healing Touch, is a certified Yoga Instructor, and is trained as an Ontological Coach™.  She is also an avid student of spiritual study, Anthroposophy and Christian Hermeticism.

Kim has studied and/or worked in areas such as holistic health care and well-being, child and human development, sustainable living and design, and alternative/complimentary currencies.  She is a visionary with a strong moral compass, and is committed to preparing a new paradigm with courage and an open heart.

Kim Marie also produces public events in transformative learning, life discovery, and community connection in collaboration with others wishing to bring forth a new paradigm. She lives in Boulder, Colorado, and is the mother of two young boys. You can find out more about Kim at www.Sophia-Rising.com.


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