“Kim creates a safe place for me to open and question, not only beyond what I am willing to share with others, but more importantly, beyond what I am able to share with myself. She brings me, through her questions and her presence, a strong companion who invites exploration and the ability to see what I know, but have not yet been able to see. Kim is a valuable gift and I am extremely grateful to her and for all that she brings into this world.”    ~ Craig M. – Madrid, Spain

“Kim’s profound intuitive wisdom helped me go straight to the source of the issues I was needing to face. Her assignments produced a radical transformation of my daily life experience, she is truly a gift in my life.”       ~ Dustin B. – Loveland, CO

“Kim has a wonderful way of helping you discover your hidden fears, blockages and areas of life that you never really thought about in a very friendly and non threatening way.  Our work together has been an eye opening experience.”    ~ Patrick P. – San Diego, CA

“Kim Marie embodies spiritual wisdom, and weaves, spins and co-creates with you contextual fields that invite you into fertile grounds of generative possibilities.  Her integral coaching discourse serves as a spiritual bridge, closing the gap between effective action, passionate living and age-old wisdom.”    ~ Josephina S. – Boulder, CO

“I have undergone a huge transformation during the short time that Kim has worked with me!   She has been an honest witness to both the beautiful and the shadow sides of myself.   With her presence, I have become sustainably empowered and more and more able to express happiness, joy and gratitude, even in challenging times of my life.”                                 ~ Sorel H. – Longmont, CO

“I received energetic healing from Kim in 2009, and it completely shifted the relationships with my mother and sister. For years I had been struggling with feelings of anger and jealousy toward my mother and sister, and Kim’s healing helped me let go of those feelings and step into stronger family relationships.”   ~ Marin T. – Baltimore, MD

“One of the reasons Kim makes such a great coach is that she is so intuitive. She helps me peel away the layers to get to the root of what’s going on. We make a great team”    ~ Debrah W. – Longmont, CO

“Kim’s coaching is a powerful combination of practical experience and intuitive visioning.  She is very clear and compassionate. Kim lead me through profound explorations of how my life has led to my current work, and how old self-perceptions have limited my vision of what my work could be.   It has been invaluable to realize that so many patterns that shape my work are old, and that I am a different person now.”                                   ~ Alison P. – Boulder, CO

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