Enabling Circumstances

hot-air-balloonI have loved this time of year since I was a child.  There’s something magical about the quality of the light, the smell in the air, and the crispness of the leaves as I walk. It’s a time of harvest, and also a time of facing the dragons within. These dragons would like to keep us from harvesting the fruits of our development, ripened from the Spirit Seed planted within us during the previous year’s Sacred Nights of Winter.

As these dragons rear their ugly heads, we often find ourselves challenged by the “too little” (inadequacy, impatience) or “too much” (overwhelm) of something. These challenges bring rising emotions that are often neglected.

The quality of listening to the emotional messengers of our soul is often reflected in how we do or don’t enable others in our lives.

An enabling act “empowers a body or person to take certain action.” The question we must ask ourselves is, what is the action we want taken, and how are we responsible for enabling or not enabling that action? Continue reading

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Mother’s 12 Keys to Happiness (Part 2)

mother-and-child-at-sunsetWhile experiencing the tribal community and it’s joy and connectedness during my visit to North Dakota, I felt deeply connected to the Great Mother, and experienced 12 Key’s to Happiness that were present in the peaceful people there. Last week, I spoke of the keys that relate to Remembering (Letting Go, Accepting, Being in the Flow) and Reconnecting (Nature, Simplicity, Community), setting the foundation for creating a new future (See Part 1 HERE).

This week, I’d like to continue sharing my observations and the Mother’s Keys that relate to Re-envisioning and Rebirthing our future and our selves. Continue reading

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Mother’s 12 Keys to Happiness (Part 1)

flags-in-ndI just returned from a life altering journey to North Dakota, where hundreds of indigenous tribes from around the world have come together to protect our Mother Earth and her life giving water. I organized a trip of 29 people, 19 of whom were youth from ages 11 to 15.

This was a trip intended to give the kids an opportunity to offer community service for a noble cause, and experience cultures and living conditions very unlike their own. This was to be an opportunity to make sacrifices for those who have so little, and yet do so much to stay connected with and protect the Earth.

We traveled 12 hours by van from Boulder, Colorado to the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota. We then worked hard for two days to help winterize the camp, which supports those who actively stand in protection of the water and the land there. These people are protecting the drinking water for over 18 million people.

While on our trip, we built Ojibwa longhouses called waginogans, as well as Lakota tipis. We picked up trash around the land of the camp, sorted clothing donations, helped in the camp kitchen, and many other service efforts. We also listened to stories of other cultures, and witnessed ceremonies that honored the Earth and Her people.

I experienced a more profound and deep connection to the Great Mother than ever before. Continue reading

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The Courage to Listen


Something in the soul burns. You feel it, but do you listen?

Our ego or lower self might seem to know all the answers and just what we are supposed to do, but it is our soul that truly knows how to live. The soul cries to us, causing a feeling of discomfort each time we are ignoring Her.

The Soul calls for us to name what is not working and needs adjustment in our lives, whether in the area of our relationships, social justice, vocation, home, creativity, spirituality or simply our own personal development.  When we listen to this call, we are then moved into action.

How often have you found yourself repeatedly speaking of how much you would like for something to happen or manifest? Continue reading

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The Journey of the Soul

call-of-soul-bridgeI have begun teaching my Wisdom of Fairy Tales class again this fall, filled with insightful, wise women who make the conversation so rich. I continue to be amazed each time I teach this course how perfectly fairy tales and their archetypes help us to understand our own soul’s journey.

The soul’s journey is the archetypal hero’s/heroine’s journey found in nearly all fairy tales.

We begin with some way in which we are separated from what we’ve known. Perhaps we feel like a misfit, outcast, or that something no longer works for us and must change. We don’t feel connected with our life as we’ve known it. We might even feel guilt over this feeling, as if we’re not supposed to be different from or in opposition to what has been considered “normal.” For this reason, we might resist the call to move in a new direction, staying too long in a relationship, job or situation that simply isn’t working for us anymore.

The call of the soul eventually becomes so great that we can’t stay in the same place anymore. Continue reading

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Generational Healing

horses-generationsSo many of us mothers have one common concern:  Are we doing enough to set our children up for success and keep them from having the same struggles we had?

Not that we believe our children shouldn’t have struggles, but I speak to so many women, and men too for that matter, who want to be sure their children don’t have the same struggles they had.

Do you ever notice thoughts, beliefs, or words coming out of your mouth that make you think, “Oh my gosh! I sound just like my mother (or father)?”  Continue reading

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The Devil on Your Shoulder

balancing-turtleYou know that cartoon that shows the choice between the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other? It’s supposed to represent the idea of temptation. It gives the impression that the devil is the tempter, while the angel is the one we’re supposed to follow.

What if the angel on your shoulder is also a tempter? Continue reading

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It’s Time

Dream Catcher 4

This past spring, I began hearing whispers in my ear that kept saying, “It’s time.” These whispers have been getting louder and louder as the year has gone on.

One might think me a bit crazy to be “hearing voices,” and yet, I knew exactly what those voices were from the start.

For as long as I can remember, I have felt a deep calling toward “something different.” I spent plenty of time in my life trying to fit in and feel accepted, while secretly I was crying inside, knowing that there must be a better way than to simply accept the so called “normal” without question.

The thing is, I couldn’t articulate what it was about the “normal” that I didn’t feel comfortable with.  All I knew was that it didn’t feel right.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve now come to see and feel the inadequacies in today’s social systems and organizations, be they educational, financial, economic, justice, medical, nutritional, religious or otherwise. I’ve never been one to follow politics or get directly involved in activist movements. Yet, consistent with my “Jill-of-all-trades, master of none” way of being,

I learned just enough to know within the depths of my being that these systems and ways of existing are not sustainable, and are in fact causing a devolution rather than evolution of Humanity and the Earth.   Continue reading

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What Does True Radiance Look Like?

Eagle with Blue Sky Jerry Segraves

Last week, I promised to share more thoughts on inner radiance. I invited you to remember that you are a bridge between spirit and matter, and reminded you that as you radiate outwardly, you remain strong and stable, able to navigate whatever life offers you.

Since that invitation and reminder, while on my holiday to the Black Hills of South Dakota, I have been blessed with my own reminders of what true radiance is all about. Continue reading

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Remember Your Inner Radiance

A photo by Julia Caesar. unsplash.com/photos/DpoMKEARZe4

As I drive toward the Black Hills of South Dakota for a week of precious camping time with Mother Nature and my boys, I send you a reminder of your inner radiance.

I’ve been thinking about inner radiance a lot these days, considering how powerful our radiating glow can be in the face of so much that comes at us every day.

I will speak more of inner radiance next week, but for now, I hope you will take a moment to ground to the earth, feel your feet, and notice the beauty and support of life around you. Connect to the heavens, and remember your very own star of wisdom guiding you in every moment.  Tether yourself above and below, and allow that connection to settle in your heart with the knowing that you are a bridge between spirit and matter, inner and outer, heaven and earth.

As you radiate outwardly, you remain strong and stable, centered in your being, and able to navigate whatever territory you are asked to traverse.

I can feel your radiance from here!  Enjoy your week.

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