What is Astro-Sophia?

Astro-Sophia is literally translated as “Star Wisdom,”  which, according to, “reintroduces the original [sidereal zodiac] system of Zarathustra as taught to Pythagoras and Hermes.  In Star Wisdom we perceive ourselves as part of the whole of the earth, bathed in the celestial light of the stars, and affected by these subtle and powerful qualities.  Rather than using the more commonly known planet-based system, tropical astrology, the sidereal system uses the actual astronomical locations which agree with how the ancient astrologers saw the sky.”

This section of the website (and also my newsletter) offers thoughts about how, “as above, so below,” we are affected by what is happening cosmically.  I intend to expand this Astro-Sophia page and its sub-pages beyond the Zodiacal Virtues page to deepen into our connection with the cosmos.  In the meantime, for more information, is a wonderful resource, and two articles in particular are very helpful in understanding the sidereal zodiac and origins of star wisdom:  “Your Zodiac Sign Is Not What You Think It Is.” and  “Origins of Star Wisdom”.

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