Ensouled Interior Design

Ensouling the space around us can have a profound affect on our way of being in life. We can feel nurtured, harmonious, peaceful and safe, or we can feel depleted, chaotic, stress-filled and unstable. Our environment is often indicative of our lives, and vice versa. Our souls call for what is true, good and beautiful. Surrounding ourselves with beauty, particularly in our homes, can feed our souls in ways we may not even see, yet can certainly feel. We can ensoul our homes with simple things that make a huge difference without requiring a big budget.


I am bringing my interior design training and skills into harmony with my coaching and healing to create spaces that nurture our souls.  How does it work?  Together we will:

  • Work in conversation to understand what your soul is longing for, and how we can co-create a space that feeds that longing.
  • Consider your own personal style, taste, interests, routines, rhythms, tasks, etc., as well as what functional, aesthetic, practical, budgetary and other requirements you may have.
  • Find ways in which the design can support the changes and improvements you are hoping to make in your life as a whole, such that you are living purposefully.
  • Work on an hourly basis ($120 per hour) to assess your current situation and create a new environment in which you and your soul can thrive.

Ensouled design considers your entire being and lifestyle, not just the space around you.  It enlivens the soul of your environment, and also vitalizes your own soul, helping you to live in alignment with what you care about most.  I will learn from you what your inner longings are, what holds you back, what motivates you, how your lifestyle and the design of the space around you can be more harmonious and supportive of one another, etc.

The Ensouled Design offer includes:

  • Assessment of your current environment and how it is or is not supporting you, as well as  your means to create a new environment.
  • Creation of a new design for your space, including, but not limited to floor plan and layout, colors, spacial reconfiguration, furniture and accessory suggestions, lighting suggestions, suggestions for materials and finishes and ideas for implementing the new design.
  • Assistance in finding specific finishes, furnishings and materials that work for your new design and stay within your budget.
  • Assistance in implementing the new design through consultation with contractors, vendors, etc.


In my coaching, I have seen over and over how individuals, while working hard to commit to the coaching/healing process, struggle to find peace in their lives.  When I ask them about what the environment they live in is like, there is often a significant disconnect.  Taking steps to ensoul your home, through design, organization, beauty, care, rhythm and/or routine can make a huge difference in how you experience the world.  If we come home to a space that feels warm, inviting and nurturing, we in turn feel safe and can allow ourselves to let go, be vulnerable and face the trials before us with greater confidence and courage.  If we wake up in the morning and cannot find what we’re looking for, feel no sense of beauty around us, or have no sense of being held as we move into our daily tasks, our entire day can be adversely affected.

Among other benefits, ensouled design can help you to:

  • Feel more confident in your day to day life
  • Be more organized
  • Simplify your life and live more purposefully
  • Feel nurtured and held
  • Take care of what you care about most
  • Experience a sense of warmth and peace
  • Find more rhythm and order in your life
  • Look forward to being home, slowing down and enjoying life more

Contact me for a free initial consultation to ensoul your environment and see what a difference it can make in your life. Take a look at what I recently did with my own home as an example. Below the video is some detailed information about the process, techniques and inspirations that made this project possible. (You may need an updated version of Adobe Flash Player to view it, particularly if you are using Safari)

Notes About the Project:
This is a home I purchased to create affordable, convenient and beautiful living for me and my two boys. The interior, while always being “tweaked” here and there, is more or less complete.  I spent extra time searching for great bargains on many of the materials and finishes.  It’s amazing what can be found if a little extra effort is made.  I also engaged community to help at times, which allowed for some fun finishes like the lazuring  painting technique seen on the bedroom walls.  Paint is an incredible transformer of space, and can re-enliven old cabinets, walls, furniture, etc.  A wood stove was installed to replace the existing fireplace, and is now my main source of heat, and far more eco-conscious.
The exterior is very much in progress. The base color paint was redone, a new shed was put in, and a wood shed was built. The trim paint has yet to be done, and the yard will be landscaped with a design that is based on permaculture and sustainable regeneration of the earth.  I chose this community because it is convenient to my life and work, including my boys’ school.  It is also affordable and allows for simplified living.  I can focus on and make space in my life for what I care about most. 

In addition to having some contractor help, much of this work was done myself. Materials and finishes were selected with budget, sustainability and beauty in mind. The space has become a wonderful haven for my family, clients and friends alike. 

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