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A candle into the nightMake the Season Bright:
Working with Advent and
the Sacred Nights of Winter

Saturday, November 12th
9:30am to 2:30pm
Boulder, CO

A nourishing workshop to bring joy and peace to the hectic holiday season.  Please see the FULL FLYER for details.

Take a look at my online version of this course if you don’t live in the Boulder, CO area.

May your soul be nourished this holiday season!

A Path to Personal Fulfillment

A new ONLINE course!!

This course is a series of 12 modules which can be taken individually, or in the full sequence of 12 for the most beneficial results on your journey.  Each module will go into depth about a specific gift from the cosmos you were given at birth to help  you move along on your path to personal fulfillment and highest potential.  New modules continue to be added.

With the exploration and cultivation of each gift in each module, you will learn:

  • What the gift is, what it is not, where and when it is needed on your path, and how to develop it within yourself
  • How this gift does or does not readily show up in you
  • How to be sure you don’t use too much or too little of this gift so that you can remain balanced and filled with clarity on your path
  • What this gift can become in its highest potential
  • How to cultivate this gift so that you find fulfillment and greater understanding of who you are and why you are here.

Click on the image or links below to select a course & enroll in the
School of Sophia Rising


1 Courage ButtonThrough the Cultivation of Courageyou will:

  • Learn to live centered in the heart
  • Develop the capacity for greater presence
  • Experience heightened awareness and consciousness
  • Move beyond sense existence toward to experience your Highest Self
  • Cultivate a strength to meet your destiny
  • Responsibly redeem life’s shortcomings


2 Discernment ButtonThrough the Cultivation of Discernment, you will:

  • Develop a capacity for inner stillness and quiet for more effective decision making
  • Experience greater clarity
  • Generate the ability to feel less confused & more certain
  • Cultivate a stronger connection to your Higher Self  and Spirit
  • Learn to live in atunement with the creative force of Cosmic Consciousness


3 Magnanimity ButtonThrough the Cultivation of Magnanimity, you will:

  • Develop a capacity to balance giving and receiving in a healthy way
  • Experience greater connection to your self, others and the world around you
  • Generate the ability to feel a part of a greater whole
  • Learn to understand what love is and what it is not
  • Live more fully in the field of Love
    • Attune to the true calling of destiny

Ongoing Events in Boulder, CO

Women Empowering Women: A weekly coaching and support group is inspired by the following quote from Daniel Andreev’s “Rose of the World.” We will  discuss how we as women can step in to the feminine power he speaks of and support each other in doing so. Please contact me for more information.

“Feminine power and its role in contemporary life
is increasing everywhere. It is that circumstance, above all, that is giving rise to worldwide peace movements, an abhorrence of bloodshed, disillusion over coercive methods of change, an increase in women’s role in society, an ever-growing tenderness and concern for children, and a burning hunger for beauty and love.

We are entering an age when the female soul will become ever purer and broader, when an ever greater number of women will become profound inspirers, sensitive mothers, wise counselors and farsighted leaders.

It will be an age when the feminine in humanity will manifest itself with unprecedented strength, striking a perfect balance with masculine impulses. See, you who have eyes.”

Sophia Circles: Sophia Rising offers group support/coaching circles in your home or a predetermined location.  In all groups, we will work with various ontological tools and conversations that help to generate new ways of being, and thus new ways of experiencing the world around us in relation to the topic.    Please contact me if you are interested in creating a group in your home or place of business.

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