The Coming of the Light and the Sacred Nights of Winter:
A Journal of Preparation, Purification, and Renewal


Holy Nights Journal Cover 2015

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This full color, 70 page, spiral bound journal will support you in honoring the coming of the light and the most sacred nights of winter. This season is known as Advent and the Holy Nights between Christmas and Epiphany in the Christian tradition, and nearly all wisdom and religious traditions celebrate this time, typically around the Winter Solstice. My own practice during this season comes from the Christian tradition, and this journal offers many wonderful ideas for celebrating this season with your family, no matter what your religion is. The journal works with the most quiet nights of winter, taking you deep into your soul to support you in the coming year. Included are detailed instructions to help you work consciously with this special time of year so that it serves as an insightful, nurturing, purifying, prophetic and renewing experience for the coming year.

For international shipping, or for any additional information about the journal, please contact Kim Marie at Sophia Rising for details.

For more detailed instructions and support in working with this magical time of year, enroll in my online course, Make the Season Bright, at the School of Sophia Rising.

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