Transformational Learning

Sophia Rising offers various transformational learning programs that offer a group setting for ontological learning and transformation, creating a portal through which wisdom may pour forth.  Some of the programs are offered solely by Kim Marie, while others are joint ventures with other individuals and/or organizations who are also working toward bringing forth a new paradigm.

Community can be defined as a place where we share our gifts.   Each of us has a unique gift to share, and Sophia Rising brings people and organizations together to do so.  For example, Sophia Rising’s coaching, healing and/or teaching may partner with a health conscious chef for a program on nourishment of body and soul, or perhaps with a financial pioneer for a program in creating a new relationship with money, or even with an astrologer to integrate star wisdom and living a life of satisfaction.  The possibilities are endless, so keep an eye on the events page for programs offered.

Sophia Rising is also delighted to sponsor, partner with and/or organize programs for your organization for the sake of promoting ontological and transformational learning. Let’s explore the possibilities.


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